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Scott Visuals LLC

We have one goal: to deliver the coolest best-looking content at all times. The more challenging the project, the more excited we get.


Based in Verbier Switzerland, at the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of the world, centrally located in Europe, we can go anywhere anytime. 
A place where the work and life balance are in perfect equilibrium.

We’re a diverse group of content creators with origins from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Finland. None of us thinks inside the box. Everyone is different in doing and thinking. Our diversity is our strength. Our unique mixture yields unique results.


We get sh*t done. If we are on a project for you, no matter the effort it will take, we will deliver. In a digital world, we can work from anywhere at any time. We are happy to sacrifice hours of sleep to meet your deadline. We are happy to get up at 5am to do a sunrise shoot in the middle of the winter at 3000m altitude while it’s -20° so that you get the shot no one else has. Discomfort is our comfort zone.


We love what we do. None of us has landed here by necessity or accident. We all had a different career path. We excelled in our hobbies and over time we learned to monetize them. That is how we landed here today.


We are a team of tireless young adults ready to tackle any project and beyond. You name it, we’ll make it.

Meet the Team
Scott Goedkoop
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After two years of working on a vast list of projects all over the globe, I decided to set base in Verbier Switzerland.

It is the ideal location to combine all of my passions in life: content production, mountain biking and skiing. Given its central location, I can be anywhere in Europe in just a matter of hours. 

Success in this digital era is most often the result of extensive collaboration. Team work makes your dreams work. This is exactly why I founded Scott Visuals LLC such that no matter how complex the project is, we can make it happen with the right team.

Click here to see my recent projects.

Maxime Schmid
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For the last 7 years, I have been a professional photographer with a focus on brands in the premium industry and sport federations. In 2016, I was a photographer at the Olympic Games in Rio, I have been a photographer on the World Cup XC circuit and a press photographer during Ukrainian conflict in 2015. In total, I have covered over 10 different World Cup disciplines.


Besides Scott Visuals LLC, I work on a regular basis with Keystone-ATS, the Swiss Alpine Club and the sports agency


I’m spontaneous and creative, full of energy ready to tackle any photography project you may have.

Click here to my recent work.

Loic Isliker
Camera operator & editor
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I currently live in Amsterdam where I recently graduated from the SAE Institute with a degree in Digital Film Making. 


In winter, I spend as much time as I can on my skis with my camera. Since I was a kid, I always made these skiing edits of myself and published them on YouTube. This evolved to where I am right now working as film maker on larger ski film productions. It is my true passion.


Besides filming, I try to improve myself as a Freeride Skier each winter. My goal is to find the right balance between filming and skiing. As much as I like being behind the camera, I also love skiing in front of it.  

Click here to see my show reel.

Sampo Vallotton
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I was born in Lausanne and spent most of my free time skiing in the mountains of Wallis. I grew up as a skier and developed a strong interest towards filmmaking in extreme sports and especially in aerial videography in the last 4 years.


After years of struggling to construct racing drone suited for film productions, recent advancements in technology have made them reliable to the point that they can be used on professional productions.

Today, I am able to create insanely immersive content in first person view (Fpv) with those little flying machines, giving a more organic and dynamic framing style than classic drones.

Click here to see a recent edit.

Benjamin Régis
Filmer + Editor
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I am a Film Maker and Interactive Media Designer. Since a very young age, I have been fascinated by capturing motion and light with my camera. There has always been a strong desire inside of me to capture these moments of beauty and to share them with others.


Regardless of being in the field, in the air or behind my editing computer, I can express myself creatively to deliver high end video content. 

Click here to see my show reel.

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